The service is excellent , friendly and fast. The food is delicious and i loved the burrito 🌯 The prices also were affordable. Good job wonderbites!!! keep it up 👏👏

Elton Kovaci

The food is great, something different on what we have been experiencing. We even had the chance to have a chat with the owner, he was a really nice guy. Thanks for the great food and the amazing hospitality.

Hermes Plaku

Definitively what we were missing in Tirana! It starts with excellent staff communication and welcoming, friendly environment and absolutely amazing, delicious food!!

Satsuki Kiryuin

Absolutely a must! Everything is so tasty and nicely done! I’d personally recommend the burrito, the only REAL Mexican burrito I’ve tried in Tirana! The staff also is very friendly and welcoming! Keep it up guys!